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OSIS I5 OpenID Interop testing

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OSIS Testing

This is the OSIS I5 OpenID interop testing site.

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OP AX fetch
OP rejects HTTP no-encryption
OP return_to Verification (RP discovery)
OP sends properly formatted response_nonce
OP performs multi-factor authentication
OP offers fully SSL-protected authentication
OP Asserts new claimed_id if doing identifier Select and is delegated to from a 3rd party
OP Simple Registration
OP supports HMAC-SHA256 associations
OP sends large assertions as POST (opt. with UTF-8 multi-byte characters)
OP accepts POSTed authentication requests
OP sends properly formatted error responses to invalid direct request messages
OP sends properly formatted error responses via redirect to the RP to invalid indirect request messages
OP properly responds to identity-less checkid messages
OP properly responds to GSA level 1 authentication requests
OP supports the PAPE extension's max_auth_age parameter
OP provides replay protection via nonce checks
OP rejects check_auth messages with shared association handles
Managed Card issuer presents GSA-compliant Card
RP supports HMAC-SHA256 associations
RP accepts unsolicited assertions
RP verifies return_to URL
RP verifies assertions against discovery results
RP checks response_nonce for replays
RP validates the 1.1 signature
RP validates the 2.0 signature
RP ignores unsigned extensions
RP sends HTTP Accept header for XRDS discovery
RP supports Identifier Select
RP account creation using Simple Registration
RP accepts alternate names in certs
RP accepts CA Cert trust root
RP rejects revoked cert
RP rejects invalid certificates
RP protects against association poisoning
RP has discoverable return_to
RP accepts POST assertion
RP accepts POST assertion with UTF-8 multi-byte characters
RP ignores Content-Location header in response from claimed identifier
RP correctly handles paths with trailing periods
RP complies with GSA level 1 profile
InfoCard RP receives Ppid

Test site XRDS document

OSIS I5 wiki